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the lj vegan cookin' club

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welcome to.... VEGAN COOKING CLUB :)


entries are tagged under the following categories:

  1. main meals
  2. soups
  3. side dishes
  4. patties
  5. desserts
  6. salads
  7. biscuits

how this community works....

  1. all members are invited to post vegan recipies
  2. if you try cooking a recipe that is posted here, leave a comment and let us know how it went. report back about things like:
    - how the meal tasted
    - how hard it was to find ingredients for the recipe
    - how hard the meal was to cook
    - how expensive/inexpensive the ingredients were
    - any suggestions to improve the meal
    - photo's of the meal you cooked
    - any tips about cooking the meal
    - good vegan side dishes (salads, sauces, etc) to serve with the meal

    note: if you post a recipe out of a book, make sure you reference it with the title and the author of the book. and, if you post a recipe from a website, make sure you reference/link to the website.



    all recipes posted are to be strictly vegan.

    this means strictly, no meat (yes that includes no fish), no dairy products (i.e. no cow/goat/sheep milk, cheese, cream, etc), no eggs, no honey.

    basically no animals, no animal products and no animal byproducts.

    if you post recipes containing animals, animal products or animal byproducts, your post will be deleted.

    if you are aware that people have to be careful to choose vegan versions of some ingredients, try to mention this in your post. for example, some bought curry pastes have shrimp paste or fish oil in them, so people need to be careful to select a vegan curry paste.


    here is a celcius/farenheit converter